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  Topic: Quilombo
  2007-08-25 14:53:18
Hey all,

Just a wee bit of an enquiry for all the aucklanders (or people willing to move to auckland...?) here... There is a group of us currently looking to set up a quilombo type living situation... I.e. a bunch of us capoeiristas looking to find a place to live together with enough room for a bit of a jogo or training and jamming music and stuff just to complete our capoeira immersion :). There are currently 5 of us (Me, Feiticeiro/Mandingueiro/Josh, Tucano, Jesus and Enigma), but in our searches we've been coming across a few bigger houses, like 6-8 bedroom places. We were just looking for some expressions of interest to see if there's anyone else out there that could be keen to join us in the event that we find a suitable place that has more rooms than we are. Ideally we'd like to fill it with people we know before we open up to randoms.

The place is likely to be fairly close the city, we're looking in grey lynn, ponsonby, grafton... all the city fringeish areas, and looking for rent that will work out at between sort of 100-130 a week. The other thing is that we'd be looking at having a vegetarian house, which would mean no meat cooked in the house, but are currently working on a workable solution/compromise to this since we have everything from vegan to carnivore in our group so far. If you think you could perhaps be keen for this venture, email me back - oi(dot)rastinha(at)gmail(dot)com - or post here, asap, that would be awesome. You won't be committed if you reply, we just want to know whether we can call on the pool of capoeiristas should we have available rooms :). Thanks heaps, and remember, let me know asap if you think this sounds like you. And by the way, this will be so good for your capoeira :) Almost as good as buying pants from Brabo's Bazaar...

  2007-09-03 16:58:34
  2007-09-03 18:45:04
Just a little update on the Quilombo project!

We have found a wonderful 8-bedroom house in Grafton, on Carlton Gore Road. It's got a huuuuuuge kitchen and a large living room, huge deck AND regular deck, nice back yard/garden,lots of sun, some storage under the house, and 4 fire places!

We've signed the lease and are moving in on the 15th. So far 6 rooms are filled and 2 still available, so if you'd like a chance to live with Jesus, Tucano, Rastinha, Mandinguero, Enigma and Mestre Brabo, get in quick! The 2 rooms are a small one downstairs which will fit a double bed and a few more things, for about 75pw and a medium sized one upstairs facing north into the garden, for about 100pw. If no capoeiristas come forward by the start of next week, we'll advertise to the general public, and then probably turn them into malandros ;p

Contact either Rastinha or myself to become part of this historic moment!
  off milk
  2007-09-04 15:26:43
Man sounds like a good reason to move to AK...
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