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  Topic: oh god noooo
  2007-09-06 09:52:57
  2007-09-06 13:18:59
I can't believe my eyes!

Condi playing Capoeira Republicanal.

Someone's gonna have to burn that berimbau now.
  2007-09-06 16:05:03
  2007-09-07 15:52:38
Damn... Tainted...Tainted... TAINTED!!! Anyways...

George Bush is sitting with all his generals getting a briefing on the situation in Iraq. One of them tells him that there was a suicide bombing and 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed. So George puts his head in his hands and groans. "This is awful, such a loss of life". All the generals look at each other thinking he never reacts this badly to this kind of news. Eventually Bush looks up and says "just so we're clear, exactly how many is in a brazillion?"

Tee hee.
  2007-09-18 18:27:38
un chiste mejor mi amiga! bueno bueno!
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