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  Topic: Free Accommodation - Event Sydney M. Roxinho
  ECAMAR Sydney
  2007-09-13 02:29:56
For the First International Encounter of Capoeira Angola, the ECAMAR school is organising some free accommodation for as many participants as we are able to.Once we have received payment for the event you can send me an email to reserve some accomodation at [email protected]. Please give your name and contact details and specify how many people and how many days of the event you will participate in.
Mestre Roxinho
  2007-09-18 18:10:02
Boa Tarde Mestre! Como vai? Eu pode vajiar na Sydney pra seu evento. Pode pagar quando eu regresso a NZ. Eu gosto de alojamento gratuito!! Valeu, comandante
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