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  Topic: Take action for Burma
  que o mundo deu
  2007-09-27 14:09:07

Stand with the Burmese Protesters

After decades of military dictatorship, the people of Burma are rising � and they need our help. Marches begun by monks and nuns have snowballed, bringing hundreds of thousands to the streets. Now the crackdown has begun...

When the Burmese last marched in 1988, the military massacred thousands. But if the world stands up and supports their struggle, this time they could succeed. We'll send our petition to United Nations Security Council members (including the dictatorship's main backer China) and to media at the UN, while also alerting the Burmese to our support:

Take action now
  que o mundo da
  2007-10-04 10:39:14
Free Burma Vigil

"Support the peaceful protest of the monks and the people of Burma against the brutal military regime"

What: Rally
Host: Burmese community, Amnesty International, Trade Unions
When: Saturday, October 6 at 12:00pm
Where: Civic Square, Wellington
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