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  Topic: Easter Encounter 2008
  2007-10-01 16:27:11
7th International Easter Encounter 2008.

Easter 2008
March 21, 22, 23, 24

Details will be confirmed this week.

  2007-10-20 13:14:40
We now have a little promotional movie up on youtube... Check it out:


Oh yeah. :D
  2007-10-24 21:04:58

Sorry I been away. My job has had me by the cojones somethin' fierce this year, but its finally starting to calm...a bit.

So how do we get in on this early bird special pricing for the encounter? How much for kids? How much for a package for the whole family (not my partner Mary...she wants the week off from the 3 of us!)? What classes are we teaching? Who what when where why? The more info I get, the more I can start farming it around wellington to get people in.

Tell me, tell me, tell me true.


  2007-10-29 12:34:36
Nice work on the promo video! Looks real good, can't wait for the encounter.
  2007-10-29 13:25:19
There's going to be a kids camp the week after the Encounter. I don't know how that's going to complicate your situation Centrado... but things will get worked out. Kids as always are welcome whereever I am. I understand there will be a family pass for the Encounter on that basis. Mind you, I know your kids and they eat heaps!! I will verify it with the A-Team tonight'ish.
  2007-11-05 13:47:38
gee that you tube promo is flash-
you guys HAVE gone international!
  2007-11-07 08:43:01
The promo vid is *awesome*, lotta work must have gone into that. I was waiting for the credits to scroll at the end! Who was the director? Who was the second assistant key grip? :P
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