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  Topic: O menino com quem tu aprendeu?
  Check this out...
  2007-10-18 00:27:37
  2007-11-20 02:15:24
Has anyone checked this clip out yet?
  Hey Brabo
  2007-12-06 01:19:05
Hey Brabo this is one I was talking about and check this out........

http://uk.youtube.com/results?search_query=marcelo%20caveirin ha%20capoeira&search=Search&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&spell=1
Heaps of links to Marcelo when he was younger...
  2008-01-18 21:26:28
p11uu6dxbr7ujq2wf http://www.721556.com/561644.html bcqzd5lp89uc7j8e
  2008-01-18 21:26:35
p11uu6dxbr7ujq2wf x0o83wl1v bcqzd5lp89uc7j8e
  2008-02-07 23:06:55
iav1yc3p53co3lp http://www.440034.com/1042747.html 3txrjb85pjocc08
  2008-02-07 23:06:56
iav1yc3p53co3lp gy8pzy173 3txrjb85pjocc08
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