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  Topic: The Mount Batisado_transport
  2007-11-21 09:30:25
There's going to be three of us from Christchurch coming up for the batisado in 2 weeks..Yeeeeeaahhh!
What I'm wondering is if we can catch a ride with someone from Ak to the Mount? We arrive on Thursday and leave again on Tues.
I'm sure we can sort it out when we get there on Thursday in any case, but just in case...
Take care and see you soon(:
  2007-12-18 12:37:27
bm0st9n2jwdsaqa http://www.679066.com/696353.html 3f7aoc21qjb
  2007-12-18 12:37:27
0bwzqhsrwmgg649s http://www.256031.com/463224.html pi1k4i627ox
  2007-12-18 12:37:28
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  2007-12-18 12:37:29
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