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  Topic: classes in wellington
  2007-12-01 18:52:46
just wanted to drop by and ask about the trainings you have in wellington. will be moving there (from finland) next feb. and would like to find a nice group since can't take mine with me...so tell me, angola, regional, both? what about the professor(a), is (s)he brazilian? e � poss�vel falar portugu�s?

thanks for your help!
  2007-12-03 14:18:38
Hi! There are 3 classes (for adults) each week in Wellington. One class is taught by Clo, a woman from Sao Paulo who has over 2 decades experience in Capoeira, the other classes are taught by student-teachers Pinga Fogo and myself (eu falo um pouco de portugu�s). We have more of an Angola emphasis in general.
See you soon :o)
  2007-12-03 14:21:49
Our capoeira is more more like the Angoleiro's however we don't come from an Angola line. The instructors in Wellington are all cool. A Brasilian, a few bolshi Kiwis and a clothed Samoan.
  2007-12-03 22:04:02
thank you for your answers! I've been more of a regional player (our group here in finland is senzala) but would love to learn angola, though probably better to start with beginners classes!

see you soon!:)
  2007-12-21 14:56:37
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  2008-02-26 18:37:18
hi guys , I come from New caledonia and stay in Wellington for 2 months , I've learn capoeira regional with grupo capoeira brasil since 1 year , and I heard about capoeira mandiga . that sounds really interesting , I've tried angola during a workshop and I've like it ! So I think I 'll come soon to learn more about , that would be a great experience for me ... axe
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