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  Topic: regional training
  2007-12-04 02:54:35
hey there i am arriving in auckland late next week and am keen to train capoeira , i have checked out this site and was wondering exactly what style is prominant at this group, angola, regional or both?? as i think it is important not to stick to only just one style but to have a balance between the two i am hoping there will be training in both areas, is this correct??
  2007-12-18 12:37:17
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  2007-12-18 12:37:17
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  2007-12-18 12:37:19
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  2007-12-21 14:55:02
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  2007-12-21 14:55:04
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  2007-12-21 14:55:05
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  2007-12-21 14:55:06
dgslpi9jmlgjup32 1mu9dccym5wgvrjv m9gcvl08hhtjfk
  2007-12-21 14:55:07
acelj5yof http://www.144172.com/363354.html ubwhq6i0cec5
  2007-12-21 14:55:09
acelj5yof lo2gg8fl ubwhq6i0cec5
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