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  Topic: bugger off spambots
  2007-12-09 21:24:42
way too much spam here...... what happened?
  2007-12-11 13:49:39
. Its like someone has come into our hall and tagged all over the walls now.
  Suggestion man
  2007-12-11 15:14:46
Why doesn't whoever controls the website make it so if you want to contribute in the forums, you have to log in? so every capoeirista gets their own account to use.
  Captain NotSoObvious
  2007-12-11 15:23:51
Well, there is a members forum, so everyone who is a member should theoretically have access to the members' site and be able to post there, spam free... It just tends to get a bit neglected. Get in touch with the administrator if you don't have login details, Loba that is I believe.
  2007-12-11 16:20:26
Really? What other stuff is on the other side of the 'membership tab'
  2007-12-11 16:34:33
It's still in development actually, so right now the forum's the only thing that actually works. But no doubt in the future the stuff on the other side of the membership tab will be way worth becoming a member for :P
  2007-12-12 19:34:39
Hey folks,

Sorry, haven't been looking at the forum lately. If the spam keeps up, I'll do something about it; even just putting a little box that you have to untick to make your post go through would stop them. If they do start getting through that, we can have just a little "type the number you see" sort of thing, or maybe even a capoeira trivia question to make sure only capoeira people can post here :P I will sort it out though.


  2007-12-14 16:46:17
Nice one Minhoca!
  2007-12-19 08:24:20
I don't think anyone would argue that we have too little spam on our forum to warrant action...
  2007-12-21 14:54:48
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  2007-12-21 14:54:50
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  2007-12-21 14:54:51
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  2007-12-21 14:54:52
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  2007-12-21 14:54:54
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  2007-12-21 23:43:31
So I was here today and I was refreshing the main forum page and it was getting hit like every 10 seconds continuously.
crazy how people could programme a PC to do such pointless stuff.
  2007-12-22 15:15:22
Also kind of sad
  2007-12-22 19:40:54
  Kinda obvious?
  2007-12-24 14:09:24
What happens if we play with our guard down?

So: what happens we have an unprotected forum?
  2007-12-31 22:39:11
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  2008-02-10 21:33:41
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