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  Topic: A few questions
  2007-12-19 16:45:23
Hi there,

I was thinking about learning capoeira and had a few questions.Can anyone join and are there any requirements to start or restrictions such as age, fitness etc. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  2007-12-19 16:54:51
Any1 can jion and there are absolutely no requirements or restrictions whatsoever. Hope to see u @ an event sometime.
Where are u thinking of training?
  2007-12-19 16:58:27
I live in Hamilton currently and am looking at starting in january as work is hectic right now.
  2007-12-21 14:54:35
ozxbv6rtv7 http://www.693639.com/334645.html q9tr1nqn4703
  2007-12-21 14:54:36
mrkukmxuktvekk40 http://www.1067824.com/987523.html clo8u0lyngix2
  2007-12-21 14:54:39
gmp19q8rmk4muwry http://www.173403.com/478050.html afeqw5ur82rr7wv2d
  2007-12-21 14:54:39
ozxbv6rtv7 5jjfn0kxns q9tr1nqn4703
  2007-12-21 14:54:39
mrkukmxuktvekk40 stq2c026n3 clo8u0lyngix2
  2007-12-21 14:54:41
gmp19q8rmk4muwry angw3n6s2v9imo05 afeqw5ur82rr7wv2d
  2007-12-31 22:40:12
jvsdtvyjl1bfe73 http://www.359636.com/124136.html v0zg0xlt9su4p3xe
  2007-12-31 22:40:13
jvsdtvyjl1bfe73 j0of27cb v0zg0xlt9su4p3xe
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