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  Topic: There a cluib in Queenstown?
  2008-01-20 22:28:31
hey , im just wondering if there is a club in Queenstown??
and if there isnt, anyone wanna make one ? :)
anyone quuen to just have a muck around and practice ?

drop me a txt or something if you are interested.
Nick- 0272453816
  2008-01-21 19:06:14
hi.. i will be there soon.. maybe we can do it..
  2008-01-23 19:11:42
i asked around and came across a guy that ses he does it, and theres a group,fridays and sundays but not to sure the place. ill post back the details once i find out
  2008-02-04 13:26:56
b3dq07cuf7q1d http://www.137717.com/945849.html lvyagu3co
  2008-02-04 13:26:57
b3dq07cuf7q1d ansk6kx3w5ojq lvyagu3co
  2008-02-04 14:43:03
It is in Queenstown Gym
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