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  Topic: So what do YOU get from practising capoeira?
  2008-01-22 18:07:25
Hello people!
O.k so we had a previous discussion that once took off (What is capoeira to you?)... How about this one?

What is it about capoeira that keeps you going back for more? What do you gain from it?

Perhaps for those that haven't been around for a while, What is it that makes you miss it the most?

Have a good think about it, You don't need to reply this one right away (but you should reply eventually because I'd love to hear your thoughts)

Thanks for your time.

  2008-01-28 00:42:59
Any thoughts people?
  2008-01-30 15:39:27
mmm, thats a good one. I find for me, its interpersonal interaction on a playful level.

when I play in the roda or during training, theres constant exchange occuring, exchange of idea's about what interaction is and can be. i like to approach capoeira as a space for play and exploration. Exploration of my own presence (through movement and song) and exploration of the other player's response and action (call and response-in music and movement).

and for me, in terms of interaction and depth of interaction, it has a lot of depth, approaching jogo as dance-really draws out the beauty of harmonious movement, whereas the Jogo can also be malicia and a space to confront your immediate response to conflict.

in between both these, for me is the humour that gives the malicia or the beautiful movement its life.

the laughs are the best - at others and at self!!!
  2008-01-31 07:17:05
I've only been playing Capoeira for a few months so my answer may seem a lil different to the veterans...maybe?

What I get out of Capoeira I dont just get from playing in the roda. It comes from expanding my game and my ability to do new movements within my game. When I started I had a list of three or four moves that I did like au, ginga, mea lua, ginga, armada (with no technique or balance at all), ginga and then repeat the process from the beggining. Now I sort of realise that the more moves I know the better my game develops and actually putting this into the roda, I dunno theres nothing like pulling off a queda de rins for the first time in a game after friggin weeks of not being able to do it.

Also, our crew in Wanganui are all awesome. Were a hardout mixed bunch, theres a couple a dudes that have been playing for a while so metor the rest who like me are still young capoeiristas.

Hope this makes sense....

Im keen to hear what the senior capoeiristas (maybe even Mestre Brabo?) het out of Capoeira. Is it the same now as it was when you first started Capoeira?

  2008-02-06 16:44:25
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  2008-02-06 16:44:26
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