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  Topic: beginner block classes
  2008-01-27 19:43:12
hello im thinking ov starting capoeira but missed the 1st beginning class, is it alright to go to the second one?
  2008-01-28 10:49:18
Hey there,

Are you in Auckland? I guess so since I think we're the only ones who just started a block. Would it be possible for you to make it along to class on tuesday at 7pm? That way someone can teach you the basics so you can join in with the block on thursday. Or there will be a block starting on tuesdays on about the 19th of feb. Otherwise, if you really can't wait til then, and can't make this tuesday, then come along thursday at 6:30 and we should be able to work something out to get you some basics before you join in with the others. It's just quite important to come to the first class, as you learn all the basics and get told about the rest of the course, and our group etc. But yeah, whatever works for you :)
  2008-01-29 09:54:40
keep an eye on the events page everyone for Akld beginner block dates http://www.capoeira.org.nz/index.php/view/events/item/40. Next block starting 26 Feb
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