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  Topic: Little anti spam measure
  2008-02-08 00:39:11
Hey guys,

Really sorry it's taken so long to get onto this, hope it hasn't killed the forum too badly! So now to make a post you have to have ticked the little "i am not a robot" box -- see below. Same deal when you start a new post. If it doesn't work for you on your browser, please let me know. Also, if anyone sees any new spam after now, can you please let me know and I'll put in something a bit more tricky. This was just the easiest thing I could think of :P


  2008-02-08 00:59:55
www.enlar ok i'm just kidding it's me again pretty sure it's working OK heh heh heh
  2008-02-08 07:16:37
lol, good idea bro
  2008-02-08 10:52:24
Haha, nice, you had me going until the viola bit, then I was like... Oh, right. Haha.
  2008-02-08 21:09:12
Exterminate!Exterminate!Exterminate!Exterminate!Exterminate!Exterminate!Extermin ate!Exterminate!Exterminate!Exterminate!Exterminate!
  2008-02-09 00:42:57
Yo thanks heaps for doing that for us Minhoca.
Maybe the forums will start taking off again like before it was invaded with digital graffiti.
  2008-02-09 10:34:21
Yeah.... i dont have to get my net fairy busting shotgun out anymore.....
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