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  Topic: Help us improve the website
  2008-02-13 12:31:52
Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to start this thread as I'm about to embark upon completely redoing the website/members site functionality and look, so it would be really great if everyone could post any new ideas for features that would be good to have/improve the overall website experience for both the public, and members, site. Obviously not everything can be done in the 6 weeks I'm dedicating to this, but it'll be an ongoing project. Coool, ideas will be greatly appreciated!

  2008-02-16 01:14:00
ban clowns. no, wait...
  2008-02-19 11:03:53
Now that we've thwarted the Spambots is it possible to clean-up their leavings?
  2008-02-22 11:12:18
I have a few thoughts; which I have shared with already Rastinha but worth posting them to get dialogue going.

I am keen on the idea that the front page of this website be something that changes on a regular basis. Somewhat like a notice-board (the Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa community notice board) after all one of the most active parts of the current site is our forum. So perhaps we could expand on that?!

� Having a 'counter' of new entries posted on the forum would help.
� A resource members upload (securely) photos that could perhaps roll over on the home page.

Just a few thoughts so far......

  me want goodies
  2008-02-24 15:07:13
how about taking "Brabo's Bazar" on-line???
  2008-02-29 15:41:05
Hey Rastinha, how about putting Taranaki on the class list? haha
  2008-03-01 01:29:06
Well thanks to ever sorted out the spam crisis.

What about a place for uploading photos? I could send some from over here...
  2008-03-12 09:12:35
Brabos Bazar on-line is a cool idea.

How bout some bios of senior capoeiristas? how you guys got into Capo etc
  2008-03-13 15:02:44
About cleaning up the spambot's "leavings" -- anyone who wants to volunteer can have admin access to delete spam entries, email me [email protected].
  2008-03-14 10:37:36
how about more Resources, the songs just learnt in class, names of instrements, moves, sequences, (or is this in the members site only? and how does one find out there membership details? password....ha!)
links to brabos bazar, good portugese links for language etc....
  2008-03-14 10:40:13
and pictures pictures pictures G D pictures!!!!! im sick of seeing ak fellas! ha!
  2008-03-14 14:11:20
Narizinho, you could try hassling the she-wolf as she should have these details.

Promises of success I cannot give you however...
  2008-03-14 16:13:23
Lol, if only I'd posted this message anticipating capoeira time... I should have known nobody would reply for ages, and then there'd be a flood of them a week before my whole project is due... But thanks for the suggestions, I figured most of them out myself, and did them. And it will always be a work in progress, so yeah.
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