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  Topic: Gear up for the Ax� weekend old fashioned way
  2006-04-29 11:57:27
Hey all,

Well, all the Auckland kids at least. There is a roda on sunday at 4, in the band rotunda at Albert Park. Well that's the plan at this stage anyway, although there has been talk of Takahe reserve, in Mt. Eden, as a possible alternative. But I don't know if we're coordinated enough to change the plan this close to tomorrow. So for all intents and purposes, Roda: Sunday, 4pm, Albert Park. If I hear of any changes I'll post them, and I'll probably send out an email too.

  the don kiluminati
  2006-04-30 20:16:49
hey Rastinha can you tell me if there is any more rodas in the central area. im new to capoeira and want to find out more

peace out
  2006-05-01 10:39:26

I think we're going to try and make the Sunday afternoon rodas regular-ish, so if you keep reading this board you'll probably be able to find out when and where exactly. Most likely round 4ish at Albert park, that's where we usually have them. But if you check back here towards the end of the week(s), I'll try post details if anything has been planned (and if someone else hasn't already). Are you planning on coming along to classes? There's a beginners block course starting tommorrow (Tues) I believe. You should contact Grant/Brabo if you're keen. His details should be in the 'Contact Us' section I'd imagine. Well, hopefully we'll see you at a roda or class in the near future!

  the don kiluminati
  2006-05-02 16:10:51
oh true yea ill be keen 2 cum along 2 the Sun Day afdanoon rodas. about the beginners course i couldnt make it as i got things on dat day till l8 but im free on sun days so yea sweet

holla bak
  2006-05-03 10:42:10
Hi tdk. We do have rodas. However be aware that with any roda you can't just bowl up and expect to play. There are protocols etc. Talk with your mestre about this.
  the don kiluminati
  2006-05-04 13:31:45
what would be some of the protocols as i am new to this. i havent been to a roda before and i dont have a mestre but would appreciate it if you told me the rules, sweet

peace out
  2006-05-04 16:53:48
Hey Don

I recommend you come along to the Ax� Weekend workshop. The Roda protocol is not easily outlined written out like this. You really have to be there to understand how it all works. Also if you ever have any questions during a Roda try asking a more experienced student.
  the don kiluminati
  2006-05-08 10:45:35
yea i'm definately coming, i cant wait as it will be my first time to a roda. i been practicing and stretching everynite and looking forward to it
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