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  Topic: Internet Comfort Zone?
  Mr Pseudonym
  2008-03-13 08:48:39
I think it odd that some people can't say boo in the flesh (face to face) but on this forum they can't shut up! What does this say about our world? Do they only feel comfortable when they can calculate and plan out their thoughts in the safety of their own surroundings? How would you do this in a capoeira roda where you have to think quick on your feet, in the moment?

Also, there are those who use pseudonyms(!) or even use other people names as a cover. Although this can be dishonest perhaps, i think it brings a sense of malicia into the forum and allows for people being even more honest at times.

What do you think?
  2008-03-13 16:34:05
Well, everyone expresses themselves differently in writing and in speaking, of course. There are plenty of people who talk a lot in real life but never send an email if they can possibly help it, and when they do they can't think of anything to say. I don't think it's a comfort thing, in most cases. And in a capoeira roda, there are plenty of cases when you have a more "talkative" or less "talkative" game. And just like in real life, if you are playing with someone who doesn't usually use an excess of movements, when they DO start to talk... people listen :D

There are of course a few posters who take the opportunity to use the "name" field as a bit of a joke, or to make a point in a post, like you've done; and other people use their real names. I like that; I also like that people aren't forced to register and click on links in emails in order to post here, and I think the result of that is that we get a lot of posts where one person happens to have something to say, and so they say it; whereas if they had to do a lot of stuff to be allowed to speak, they wouldn't bother. I think that's a good thing!
  2008-03-13 20:08:52
I agree with Mr Pseudonym. I think the 'net gives us false bravado: because we can't see the effects of our words - others' reactions, it is easy for us to say things that we wouldn't say in person.

And then, of course, we just have our clowns :)
  2008-03-17 23:37:09
[Sticks His Head Out. Sees a Matt on The Floor. Waddles Off]
  2008-03-18 23:01:02
Mr Pseudonym don't have a cry just because someone is playing game you cant handle lol
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