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  Topic: Easter Encouter Pics
  Flamingo Rosa
  2008-03-30 06:58:05
Oi Galera,

Flamingo Rosa here . . .

As promised all of my Easter Encounter pics are now up on my Drop Shots site.


Sorry it has taken this long, but I had originally over 500 shots to edit through.

Please take a look and enjoy, and feel free to use the links to post on your myspace/facebook pages and stuff. If anyone needs a higher res for anything else just send me an e-mail and let me know. All I ask for is appropriate crediting.

Remember this is just one person's pics/ one person's perspective.
Hannah still has all the photos she collected from the rest of you so there will be heaps more to look at in the near future.

Beijos e Abra�os Grandes for all the lovely people I got to see again and/or met for the first time at Encounter.

At� Logo . . .
Flamingo Rosa
  2008-03-30 20:03:32
Anyone got any idea when the mass of photos might make it down to wellys?
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