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  Topic: Christchurch workshops
  Leite Quente
  2008-04-12 13:32:03
Hi All...

We are holding some workshops over the week from Wednesday 23rd of April to Sunday 27th April. We are very lucky to have Mestre Brabo (Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa) on the Wed 23rd and Thurs 24th of April. The next day (friday) is ANZAC day, and while Brabo must return to Auckland, we will be having some more workshops with Contra Mestre Eurico (Cordao de Ouro, Christchurch) and Mandingueiro (Capoeira Mandinga Aotearoa, Auckland).

For those of you from out of town, we will do our best to accommodate you. This will probably be in the form of a mattress on the floor/couch or space outside for a tent. You need to let me know soon so we can sort this out.

The schedule and pricing for the weekend will be as follows (members prices are shown in brackets). All of the workshops will be held at the Circo Arts Building at CPIT (go here for directions). All times are subject to change with or without notice. We may alter the schedule depending on attendance and whim...

Wednesday 23rd April
6pm - 10pm Capoeira Workshop Mestre Brabo 30 (25)

Thursday 24th April
6pm - 10pm Capoeira Workshop Mestre Brabo 30 (25)
10pm - late Shared meal - venue and price to be confirmed

Friday 25th April
11am - 4pm Beginners Workshop CM Eurico 30 (25)
11am - 4pm Intermediate/Advanced Mandingueiro 30 (25)

Saturday 26th April
11am - 5pm Miudinho Workshop CM Eurico 30 (25)

Sunday 27th April
1pm Roda at arts centre (circo arts if wet)

Entire weekend (excluding food): 90 (70)

We realise this is late notice, but this is turning into an exciting weekend and we hope to see some old friends and new faces from around the country. Please feel free to contact me (Leite Quente) for more details or if you have any questions.
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