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  Topic: capoeira in qtown
  2008-05-10 22:25:03
could anyone tell me if there is capoeira classes in queenstown? surley there is somthing -- with 10% of the pop being brazilian! or anywhere else in deepish south?
  2008-05-15 19:58:00
  spilt milk
  2008-05-15 22:57:58
There is a group Aruande in Duniden - Check out www.jogobonito.co.nz

There is also a group training in Queenstown. I have been doing capoeira in chch for about 7 years and have not seen or heard from them, but I think Perere (Aruande, Duniden) has had some contact - I'd suggest you try to contact him.

Also, Cyntia from Topazio in Argentina has been training with us and is heading to queenstown for the winter. Send me an email - leitequente_at_paradise_dot_net_dot_nz and I'll give her your details.
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