Welcome to the virtual roda. As in a real roda the games are controlled by the soul of capoeira - listen to the music, and play that kind of game. If you have any complaints about material on this forum please contact Brabo at [email protected].

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  Topic: Not part of our group but wanna ask/say something?
  2006-05-01 20:19:14
If you are just checking out the site, or thinking of dropping by to a class, want to say hi or generally want to throw a question here's a good space. You'll find we're a friendly bunch who won't shoot you down if you don't have a Capoeira (or Portuguese sounding) name. Fire away, lots of us check in here quite frequently.

  2006-07-14 21:23:18
Hey I'm still a high school student at New Plymouth Girl's High Taranaki and saw you guys at the peace festival! Which was amaizing by the way!!! And was wondering what would it take for you to send a group down to our school for a workshop???? =)
  2006-07-15 00:41:37
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Organising a workshop is relatively easy to organise. Getting a group to come there might prove more difficult but not out of the question. Send an e-mail to [email protected] to start organising it. Cool?
  2006-07-15 21:14:56
Thank you so much! And i'll no doubt be contacting you soon!!
  2006-07-17 10:34:00
Hey, New Plymouth, Represent :) I used to go to Girls' High, hehe. Well I'd be keen to come down to help out with a workshop if the opportunity arises, dunno how helpful I'll be but hey, I can see all my old teachers again :P

  2006-07-18 20:42:00
Hi there all, I'm a capoeirista from manly, sydney, coming to Auckland for only one day on monday 31st of July. If anyone knows of any roda's or lessons going on PLEASE let me know! :) +61414 950 306. Thanks Heaps! G
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