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  Topic: classes in tauranga
  2008-06-07 21:09:54
Please could anyone enlighten me as to whether there are capoeira classes held in Tauranga city.....I know there are at the Mt.
  ra maluco
  2008-06-12 01:22:31
not sure dude. i think they're all in the mount
  2008-06-12 19:17:08
http://www.capoeirista.com/schools.php?country=New%20Zealand&state=Bay%20of% 20Plenty&city=Tauranga&school_id=4410
  2008-06-21 08:25:39
oi claire! there is definitely classes in the Mount at the scouts hall on Valley Road, usually Monday and Thursday nights. But i have been away for ages, so check with Simon/Aranhaceu. his number is oh too seven too three five won triple-for. best of luck, its a great little training and the cheapest in the country at 3bux! Please pass on my regards to Simon, Stefan, and Marie.
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