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  Topic: adeus penga fogo, AXE camara!!!
  2008-06-15 14:18:28
This is a salute to penga fogo as he departs for australia. Its been a pleasure and sometimes a pain knowing penga, he moves fast and kicks sharP! and his training sessions were always sweaty, strenuous but ultimo satisfying.

It took me awhile to learn to move with you bro, but it has been an awesome learning process, and i feel my jogo (and patience!) has become enriched by it.

has anybody else got 'strong' memories of playing with penga they'd like to share..?
  2008-06-16 19:03:53
I can't believe he's bailing just when Pe
Liso was telling me that you've been killing it and you're outta here! Dammit...!!! All the best in OZ with whateva you are doing...Can you fill us in?
  ra maluco
  2008-06-19 01:08:57
catch you later bro hope to catch you in a roda sometime. all the best for oz
  2008-06-21 08:21:51
april, 2006, vegas...encounter and jambalaya simultaneous stimulation. remember vividly being chased down the street at least 30m in bananeira by an inverted penga fogo looking like a speedy, red-afro streetsweeper. good times. perhaps penga if u bore easily of OZ, you can visit me in salvador!! boa viagem meu irmao!
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