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  Topic: Christchurch Classes for a beginner- HELP!
  2008-06-16 22:45:45
Hi there! I'll be a total beginner. I want to join next year about February/March. However will it be hard for me to learn since its mixed classes?
  2008-06-17 01:09:23
Having a mixed class can be intimidating, however I believe it gives an opportunity for students to cement their learning by showing others. I often find teaching gives me the opportunity to learn more about my own game.

I also think it helps create a friendly and inclusive environment which, apart from being pleasant, fosters a group energy for learning.

Depending on what the class is focusing on, it may be split for parts of the lesson to focus on different aspects.

So no, it will not be hard to learn because it is a mixed class. (In my opinion).
  2008-06-18 13:06:08
Any reason why you're waiting til feb/march to start training? Imagine how easy it'll be to fit into class in feb/march if you start now! :-P
  2008-09-03 18:24:10
Yeah i think you should diffenetly start right away
dont wait till feb, you'll fit right in. there are many beginners in christchurch.

anyway i hope to see you there.


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