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  Topic: Classes in Nelson?
  ?Quebra osso?
  2008-06-26 10:57:00
Ola... Desperately seeking the Nelson Capoeira classes... I know they were here... but I took my time getting my butt in gear to get there and now they've disappeared...... website n' all... Can anyone shed any light as to where their hiding???
  2008-06-26 15:35:37
email your cell number to me:
I can put you in touch with Marcello and Cenoura, who is taking the classes there I think.

  2008-07-03 15:18:58
Ola quebra osso!!
we heading down to christchurch this friday for mestre Roxinhos workshop. the clases in nelson are temporaly in a break, i use to take all the clases before but now i'm to bussy with my school going away from Nelson from month to month. any way i will be back to Nelson in september around the 15 and then we will have clases as usual.
cenoura is trying to organisate something soon so we will se if we get classes before september. send me your e-mail and i send you more details my e-mail is: marssan81 at gmail dot com
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