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  Topic: Take a leaf out of this...
  2008-06-26 22:00:09

Wow, check this out, I guess you tube has its good and bad sides. Anyways check this out...impressive and beautiful. these guys are incredibly skilful players
  2008-07-01 22:03:47
it was o.k
  2008-07-02 10:32:03
yeah not my sort of thing really...
  2008-07-03 01:42:40
I liked it. Thanks for posting it Mugunza.
  2008-07-03 03:13:16
Hey Brabo!

What do you reckon?
  ra maluco
  2008-07-09 04:38:11
thought it was alright
  2008-07-27 04:08:36
bro it looks like you palying yourself! see ya in a few months
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