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  Topic: capoeira brazil evet
  ra maluko
  2008-09-17 13:25:25
hey guys tulio (from the mount) has put out an invitation to us for his event in dec. the main guest will be Mestre Paulinho Sabia one of the founders of capoeira brazil. the event goes for three days, from the 11th to the 14th. cost is 120 and that covers workshops, event tshirt and after party. heres his e-mail [email protected] for anymore questions
  ra maluko
  2008-09-19 16:38:15
ahh no one keen to go?
  2008-09-22 15:00:15
I'm definitely keen Ra, but I probably won't be at the next practice to hear all the details. I think I caught your illness, heh. High fever, sore throat and severe queasiness sound about right?

If I don't make it this week, here's my email (padme.hum (at) live (dot) com.) so you can let me know what I need to do to get signed up, who to pay, accommodations, all that.
  ra maluko
  2008-10-02 20:46:11
hey galeen just got got some of the details for the event i'll send them to your e-mail
  2008-10-03 09:56:48
If you sent it last night I never got anything. I butchered my email address before to ward off spambots, but it looks like even those have deserted.

Here it is with no frills in case you made a mistake:

[email protected]
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