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  Topic: Capoeira in GISBORNE, East Coast New Zealand
  2008-10-05 19:11:50
Hello Capoeiristas of New Zealand,

I just got back to Gisborne and I`m looking for people who would like to train ,learn or just play Capoeira.
It gets a bit boring here doing Capoeira alone all the time...

Axe, Camarao
  2008-10-07 20:06:06
oh, and if you'd like to contact me, it's

  ra maluko
  2008-10-07 22:01:12
hey camarao hav you just got back from brazil?
  2008-10-13 21:49:11
Hello Ra!

No, I`m german. I lived in NZ for 5 years, went back to Germany in 2005 and started doing Capoeira over there about 3 years ago. Now I'm back in Gisborne and it seems that I am the only Capoeirista here. :-(

Where are You from?

I met Arranha-Ceus from Mount Maunganui and one of his students a couple of weeks ago. I'll try to catch up with them from time to time in order to train/learn
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