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  Topic: Ax� weekend - Places to sleep for out-of-towners
  2006-05-10 00:34:02
It's almost Ax� weekend, yay! If people from Hamilton (or further!) who are coming up need places to crash, I can offer either a single or double bed. txt me on 027 323 9149

If anyone else can offer places or needs them, post below!

  2006-05-10 10:07:06
Yeah I was gonna ask what was happening with this, cos Jenny asked in class and I said I had some space, but it hasn't come up again yet. In any case I can offer a fold out couch that'll sleep one comfortably and 2 uncomfortably, plus a mattress and/or a stretcher-y-bed thing. My house is a little limited on floor space, so we can fit 2 people ok, and 3 if someone doesn't mind sleeping in the hallway :). Gimme a txt on 0273279716 if you'd like to claim any of the above.

  2006-05-10 10:54:05
Or email me at banahnah (at) gmail (dot) com if you'd prefer :)
  2006-05-10 18:02:13
Ola Aucklanders : ) We're just in the process of finalising who is coming up from Hamilton, we'll be in touch soon. Thanks for being patient with us
  2006-05-10 20:33:20
Hey yall, apologies for not making it up this weekend but Naomi (Quindim), Tamsin, Arawhetu and I are moving into our new house on Saturday, otherwise I would definitely take one of you guys up on your gracious offers of hospitality :o)

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