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  Topic: Capoeira Short Video Clips
  2006-05-11 14:46:33
Hey Fellas and Fellesses,

Ive been getting into youtube.com recently.
For those have yet to jump on this bandwagon, heres a link:

http://www.youtube.com/results?search=capoeira&search_type=sear ch_videos&search=Search
  2006-05-12 22:16:55
Have you's seen "ONG BAK"? We'll on this site there is a short clip of a movie similar to this one with the same actor "TONY JAA" Fighting a capoeirista named" LATEEF CROWDER".Honest.in my opinion this has to be one of the best fight scenes since Bruce lee and Chuck Norris battle in Way of the dragon...Just go to youtube.com and at the search type in" Lateef Crowder capoeira" and click on" TOM YUM GOONG".You can also check out his demo videos for Zero gravity.This guy is wicked!

The movie is still yet to be released here in NZ but if you wanna sneak preview,check this out!
  2006-05-13 10:43:18
true i was wondering if that was him or not coz i've got both his demo & tom yum goong yea pretty cool stuff.
i was just on that site the other nite theres alot of angola, pretty low qual video though.if you are looking for capoeira clips just go to yahoo ,select video type in capoeira theres alot of clips out there plus you can check out their web site and the group aswell, ,
  2006-05-14 12:44:12
yeah!! i seen that movie, thats "ong bak 2". the story is basically the same, but instead of looking for a buddha head, he's looking for his pet elephant. and that fight scene is f****ing bad!!!!
  2006-08-01 23:07:26
Hey mugunza...
Here is that link. also here in case anyone else wants to see this cool clip. (mestre canjiquinha)


What do you people think of it?

  2006-08-04 13:40:00
I love that gritty VHS look
perfect, makes me think that all capoeira should be played in dark poorly lit small rooms with strange acoustics
  2006-08-04 22:00:21
Hi, has anybody got any instructional videos or movies on vhs or dvd on capoeira? I am in new plymouth and unfortunately no-one teaches it here so I am hoping to watch videos and train myself. If you do I would be happy to buy, e-mail me at [email protected]
  2006-08-05 01:24:34

See if you can contact Zigue Zague, Tucano or Pinga Fogo from Wellington, although I hear the Cole and Senhor Largarto are supposed to starting classes around that area.

It's hard to learn from a video because so much of the learning goes on a group environment, although training alone can be good too.

Even if you buy a video it ain't the real thing . Any of those guys above can hook you up.

Good luck mate

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  2007-06-23 23:01:48
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  2007-06-23 23:01:51
swklrg thocrmdgq jqmipudrl hpkxocf ltobaxjr lahd fmquzth http://www.cvbzaif.iqcjepd.com
  2007-06-24 23:01:37

damn net fairys....
  2007-06-25 23:54:48
  2007-06-26 13:51:46
oi,you guys seen the game between mestre camisa and nestor capoeira? or is that old news?...oh it is?...[ bumout]...oh,ok,catch u up then.
  2007-07-13 16:27:49
check this out... wicked game...
  2007-07-15 18:16:44
My 2 cents:
This first video is of two fantastic Masters of Capoeira Angola (Jogo de Dentro and Valmir) going for it:


The following videos are of Mestre Moraes and Mestre Cobra Mansa/Cobrinha, two Mestres who arguably contributed more towards the resurgence of Capoeira Angola in the 70's and 80's than anyone else:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvseAOVbr4s&mode=related&sea rch=


http://www.youtube .com/watch?v=-sInA66hgDE&mode=related&search=
  2007-07-15 18:21:18
Interwebby phantoms put a space into the address for the first Moraes-Cobrinha video, it should be:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvseAOVbr4s&mode=related&searc h=
  2007-07-15 18:23:16
Merda! Interwebby phantoms again! Just copy either address and then delete any space that you can see in them.
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