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  Topic: a movie about Besouro
  2023-02-20 16:10:56
you have to check this out, this movie came out last year, a movie about the brazilian capoeira legend Besouro Mangang´┐Ż. and he can fly!
  2023-02-20 17:06:08
ooops! forgot to put the link in lol

  2023-03-06 02:17:39
heard tulio from capoeira brazil has a copy of it
  2023-03-07 17:02:26
hahaha thanks but i got myself a copy, ive watched it 6 times and its awesome!!!
  Film critic
  2023-03-08 22:37:07

Like a massive block of cheese!!!!!!!!!!!
  2023-03-15 23:06:16
sharing is caring chefinho lol
  2023-03-19 01:48:24
hahaha il be more than happy to give you a copy :D if i can figure out how lol
  2023-03-20 05:59:59
Oh Oh can I please have some pirated, historically inaccurate inspirational material too?
  2023-03-25 03:26:16
Sup Mandingueiro?

Heard you've hit the books, awesome man, Grande Axe Mugs
  2023-03-25 14:13:18
i just saw this movie, and its not to bad... slightly stange in a few places, but as capoeira movies go, its good.
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