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  Topic: Nagoya-Welly
  2006-05-21 00:04:59
damn i've been out of the loop for a long time! my dope white capoeira pasifika t-shirt just died got me on the website. didn't even know about this forum. the easter logo was dope did steve design that? i loved training with you guys in welly. miss it heaps.

been 4 years i've been living in japan now...was training with abada capoeira here till my teachers (first real dude i met here he hooked me up) mum died and he went crazy in the roda and kicked the s*#t out of this american then we went to this club and he attacked this huuge argentinian with a bottle then disappeared...maybe back in sao paulo? who knows...went to another class but just didn't have the feeling we had back then. stink even. i'm pretty fat now, aikido doesn't rark the body up so much.

who teaches the welly classes now? you guys and girls must be going sick. i'm gonna feel stink when i come back...not that i's ever very good :) got outclassed by my gf how many times?

moving to the mountains soon to live with a family for a few months, study language and organics, self-sustainable living and all. there's a dude living there who plays reggae music and angola real beautiful, hopefully i can remember...then i'm gonna work at a mates backpackers for winter, board every day. then home. been too long. tired of city life.

love and axe guys. and cheers for that cd last year. was dope to be back in devon st and see you all. hope you and your families are happy & healthy and i look forward to getting my ass kicked next year!

  2006-05-26 14:38:59
Konnichi wa Marinheiro, ohisashi buri desu ne! Genki desu ka?

Moving to the mountains with the whole language and organics study thing sounds great! So after that and the backpackers gig, when you coming back?

Clo, Tucano and me are teaching the Welly classes with some help here and there from Quindim (Naomi) and Pinga Fogo (Simon). Things have taken a definite turn in the Angola direction in Wellington (and NZ as a whole it seems) which makes me happy, though perhaps not so much for others...

Have fun in the mountains, look forward to seeing you back here some time in the future.

Ja mata ne
  2006-05-31 23:43:25
Genki da yo...mecha-mecha hisashiburi da ne! saikin yoku "kaeritai na" to omotteru yo honto ni.

I'll be back in NZ next feb/march, stay in hawkes bay for a bit then move back to welly probably early may. can't wait to be back!

best wishes to you and the crew bro always

ja, next year brutha
  2006-06-19 00:48:57
oi Marineiro
im playing in Shizuoka with awesome professor JAPAO...
Have you read "the one straw revolution" by Japanese ojiisan guru; masanobu fukuoka? the bible of natural/ taoist farming.... i can send you a copy if you want...
  2006-06-19 00:50:35
if you want the book....
email me at
[email protected]
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