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  Topic: Capoeira music
  2006-05-22 23:53:49
Wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of capoeira music - are there sites with downloadable music or, even better, CD(s) we could buy?
  2006-05-23 01:10:41
Brabo's Bazaar is always open whether you want something or not.
  2006-05-23 11:03:36
Hey Brabo, I reckon I could use a copy of the beira mar yoyo CD, if I ever remember to bring money/ask you at class one day. So yeah, one day in the near future I might ask you for one of them if you've got some. Though I'm pretty forgetful, so don't hold your breath :P
  2006-05-23 21:27:41
the Bazaar ... nice.
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