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  Topic: Hui/AGM - car pooling
  2006-05-24 00:02:13
It's less than 2 weeks til this wonderful weekend of hot pools, pain and palaver. So I thought to get the ball rolling on organising rides for people with people.

Personally, I need a ride from Auckland Friday evening (or if you must, real early sat morning) and a corresponding ride back some time monday. No bike or bulky gear this time ^_^

Contact me on 027 323 9149 or [email protected] or here!

Muito Obrigado

  2006-05-24 13:15:48
I was just thinking about this. I too am in need of a ride there and back. I'm totally flexible as to when I'm able to leave and come back, though I'd prefer not to miss anything exciting or anything, so not like saturday night or something :P.

Again with the you can reply to me here, alternatively:
027 327 9716
banahnah (at) gmail (dot) com

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  2006-05-24 14:55:29
I am unable to make the Hui/AGM - so i dont need a ride/wont be taking my car :0(
  2006-05-28 12:38:20
  2006-05-29 14:27:21
kia ora i to am up for a ride down from AK to Taupo, after work (6pm)on fri... and then back to Hamilton on Mon ....does anyone have a car? Cause i can drive to! Give me a buz in 0210446306 or bexellis athotmaildotcom
Cher Bex
  2006-05-29 16:23:32
I'll be taking the house trucklet down again, so there's room for some folk.

Leaving about lunchtime on Friday (don't like the narly traffic at rush hour)

email me or catch me at class

Veludo at orcon dot net dot nz
  2006-05-31 14:38:53
jeeez - blimin capoeira hippies without cars :P

I was hoping for a ride down too but looks like it's slim pickins so I will drive my car.
Planning to leave EARLY (like 5am) sat morning from the city. I have 3 spaces available for early risers. Will return monday pm.

if you want a ride call you can email me, amanhecer at gmail dot com, or call/txt me 3789479 / 021380560. Don't respond here cause I might forget to check this thing again.
  2006-05-31 16:23:12
I'm taking my van and there are spaces... how many? think maybe 3, but really I don;t know... I'm leaving some time after 3 on Friday. Hopefully soon after 3.
  2006-06-01 23:27:37
Luckily I'm getting off work a bit early, and getting a ride with Brabo. Muito obrigado senhor! See ya tomorro night, everyone!
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