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  Topic: Tauranga/Mount Maunganui Workshop
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-06-17 09:49:56
Hi all, details for the workshop are as follows:

Saturday July 1st, 10am to 4pm
Merivale Action Centre
Merivale Primary School
Kesteven Road , Tauranga

Members 30
Non-members 40
Children (under 14) 25

If you want any more details contact Simon at 'arranhaceu at hotmail.com' or phone me on 021 534598

Hope to see you there


Arranha Ceu
  Arranha Ceu
  2006-06-26 08:11:07
Hello again,

Unfortunately due to a lack of confirmed numbers the Mount/Tauranga workshop has been cancelled for Sat July the 1st.

  2006-06-29 20:34:24
Thats no good Simon, maybe we should just have a lunch and roda at the beach one weekend?
  2006-06-30 17:04:46
Hey theres a roda next weekend (7th) here in Hamilton at midday if you guys are keen to come over for that...?(or anyone for that matter) I hope the weather stays fine, the freezing temperatures are sweet though because we can keep warm with capoeira...yeah!
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