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  Topic: classes
  2006-06-20 10:34:03
Hi! Is there any plans to have classes held in South Auckland areas that covers Otara, Manukau, Papatoetoe, Papakura and the Eastern areas?
  2006-06-21 00:49:37
Hi Hennaz

We would like to, but I'm sorry there aren't any plans at the moment. We don't have any students out that way who can keep a class going. Keep in touch though as things sometimes happen.

  2006-06-23 16:29:25
Come on Brabo, you can't wear that "Palagi All Star" T shirt with pride unless you start up a new South Auckland class!

Alofa tele atu
  2006-06-25 20:51:02
Oh man, you shamed me out!
  2006-07-21 20:34:05
um hey am just wondering if i could enroll, n come to ponsoby at saturday to check it out...thank you
  2006-07-21 21:40:35
Yeah I'm down with Ziggie Zague on that one, did you buy your shirt from Ponsonby Brabo?

You gonna get in with your roots Ziggie?

  2006-11-10 20:48:09
ionolsen44 Hello Jane, great site!
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