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  Topic: recipe 4 feijoada
  2006-07-14 21:20:41
does aanyone have the recipe 4 feijoada and what kind of beans do i need to buy for this?
  2006-07-15 00:43:44
There are quite a few on the internet... search through them though as there are some that come from people's aunties and grandmothers rather than from the swanky restaurants.

You need black beans, sometimes called turtle beans.
  2006-07-15 00:59:23
most exellent.and the response was prompt thankyou,thats a good sign for your forum.keep it up.
  2006-11-10 20:48:21
ionolsen44 I am really impressed!
  2006-11-12 15:08:40
you should ask brabo how to make feijoada,thats if you want to come out......... good? ha ha ha ha lmao!!!
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