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  Topic: is it possible to have some lesson in august?
  2006-07-21 00:54:14
hi I�m romain (mandacaru capo�name) i come from France and i go in NZ with one of my friend for august. We come normally for discovery the south of your island and of course for the period do it some snowboard. Well I practice the capoeira since 1 year and I ( I don�t know the name in English)�love it so I will practice more oftebly is possible (so also in holydays),so I ask you if is possible to come on your group for some lesson or �roda� ,it will be fun to discovery different style .so answer me ,we are here for 3 weeks 7 august to 28 .
  2006-07-21 10:51:14
Bien sur, tu est bienvenu!
  2006-07-21 16:42:04
you will be very welcome at any of our classes - check out the 'classes' link at the top of the page for information about training times in each city..
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