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  Topic: Whats Up Brothers
  2006-07-26 20:01:43
Hey yall,
Been away a while. Please get back to me if you know me.

[email protected]
  2006-07-26 22:51:20
Aghhhhh... How's it going?
  2006-07-27 13:24:24
Holy shit, ain't that a blast from the past. I'm still reeling from the vodka fueled all nighter with you and Guerreiro at one of the Waiotapu camps when I was 19. Empty 40 bottles are great for grinding black eyed peas.

Where are you these days, Fujido?
  2006-07-28 20:42:47
kia ora koutou katoa! wow that is a blast from the past, yea i slept all the way back to akl that weekend.
that was my first camp too man i still rememba watching a game fujido had wea he had this real stone cold look on his face no emotion you could feel it around the roda i dont rememba who he was playing but it was cool.
sup brabo! talofa zigue zague! kia ora fujido! muito axe capoeira pasifka masive!!!;p
  2006-07-31 17:51:13
Good to feel the love. Miss y'all. I'm out in the middle of nowhere and have been for a while. But as I see the brother in the Hokianga has got some classes (and i still owe him some money). And cause I just missed you fullas soooooo much, i think it would be nice to see some capoeira.
Peace, love, and mungbeans to all of you out there.
Take care.

P.S. This is a PHAT website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2006-08-18 16:49:42
Question is will we you in the Roda anytime soon?
Nice to hear from you bro.
  2006-08-18 18:30:58
You too Lucifer. Still have that demon of a martelo Im guessing. It is really nice to hear from u bro.
I promise i will get down at some stage. I need to remember how to walk first.
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