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  Topic: White pants
  Dan L
  2006-07-27 23:15:10

Do any of the groups have a pair of plain white uniform pants (large L/G) in at the moment?

I'm trying to get hold of a pair before the Wellington Amnesty performance this coming Thursday and all of the white pairs available pairs here have stripes.

I can do a bank transfer to cover the cost and courier or I'll be around for the Wellington Axe weekend...

You can get me off the forum at marbiol at gmail dot com.


  2006-07-27 23:45:23

If no one has them from Capoeira Pasifika Mandinga, there is a new martial arts supply store in Brooklyn which might have them.

Of course, ask Brabo, since he usually has everything you'll need. But if you are desperate and they can't be found, check out that store.

  2006-07-28 00:45:07
I already e-mailed Brabo on your behalf Dan, but he hasn't answered me yet. Strange ...
  Dan L
  2006-07-28 11:39:25
Thanks for the info and the emailing...

Should see you both tonight...
  2006-08-04 00:42:07

Here's the link to that store in Brooklyn.

Good news: They have pants.

Bad news: MAN they want a lotta cash for those pants.
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