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  Topic: How much does it cost and other questions
  2006-07-28 16:02:58
I'm gonna take up a martial art at the end of the year, and I'm leaning towards Capoeira! ^__^ Looks really awesome!

Just got some questions though.

1) How much do classes cost? How much would you expect a beginner to spend on their first years training? I'm in Chch so I'll have to go to the polytech classes I believe.
2) When do you start learning the flips?
3) I'm naturally insanely flexible- not in the sense I have good strength, but I can litterally just bend in half. I can like, sit on the ground then just lean down and lie on the floor with my back flat. Whenever I do handstands I also flip over like, straight away... do you think this will be a blessing or a curse?
4) Are the classes mainly dance based or martial arts based?
  2006-07-28 20:39:59
Welcome Windmill! Let's take it in order...

1) ChCh classes are actually cheap relative to the rest of NZ, if you click on "classes" up on the linkbar, it's got all the details.

2) Whenever you like, really, if there's someone there who can do them & is willing to teach you. Not really part of the beginners curriculum (if there is such a thing?) but everyone chooses their own direction. Good thing about the flips is there's lots of tutorials on the web from other things like breakdancing, parkour, athletics...

3) You sound a bit like Minhoca, a guy who's been training for a couple years up in Auckland and is now travelling the world. It enables you to do all sorts of cool moves us mere mortals can't, and makes your game a lot more unpredictable than most. But if this also includes a lack of core stability, it can compromise control and balance. Fortunately that can be trained and compensated for :) Overall, embrace your strengths

4) Well, i haven't been to the ChCh classes so i'm not sure how Leite Quente runs them, he might reply you never know... I'd say they're mainly capoeira based, which is both and neither ;p Best to give it a try and see how you go

Boa Noite

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