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  Topic: Wrist injury
  2006-07-30 21:43:47
hey guys, i started capoeira a while back and was really enjoying it until i managed to sprain my wrist skateboarding. this really sucks because i have been unable to do capoeira for over 2 months!!! does anyone have any exercises i can do to help bring my wrist up to scratch? thanks heaps

  2006-07-31 14:03:50
sux bro! go see the physio..and get acc (if you havent already) if your in ak theres a good 10 physio with acc in westmere at the top of wellpark st.
  2006-07-31 17:04:28
capoeira, skating yeahhh!!!!!!
  2006-07-31 22:42:55
A trick someone taught me, as I still get a sore wrist from when I broke it swinging from a tree many years ago...
Try press ups and/or capoeira movements with your fist on the ground instead of your palm (do this only if it's tolerable though)
By having your wrist straight and putting weight on it there it will help to strengthen it as you train.
A wrist support brace would come in handy too....
Hope that helps...
  2006-08-01 15:04:54
hey thats a really good thought mandingueiro! thanks ill give that a go.
  2006-09-14 05:11:22
Same situation, boy I can barley grip anything with my sprined wrist but the fist is allowing me to still practice but after my 20 or 30th macaco even that hurts.
  2006-09-14 10:07:02
Hey Samc if I can give my 10cents worth here ..... firstly make sure you don't ignore the pain completely. Rehabilitating your injured wrist needs some patience. Strapping the wrist is good but be mindful of the fact that you cant expect to heal immediately just cause the birembau is calling.
If you've been taking it easy on that wrist for a while it will take some time to build up the strength in the wrist again. So I would suggest taking it gently maybe pushing it once in while. Make sure that you are warming your wrists up (with wrist stretching and roling excercises) and keep repeating these excercises before during and after training. In short, while you are slowly building muscle in that area you still want it to remain supple (or your end up causing yourself more pain). And start out with smaller movements ie: when you are training the macaco start by making really small macacos. You gotta walk before you run.

Damn that a rant and I aint even a doctor ha ha.
  2006-09-14 23:11:25
Everything Lucifer said is spot-on.

A sports physio would be really useful - a more general one is more likely to tell you to not do anything capoeira-like. The other important thing is that breaks, sprains and strains are quite different in some aspects of the rehab process and while some things (warm up, icing if it hurts, building up slowly etc) work for both, others can help one while hurting the other.

I've had both scaphoids broken (http://www.handuniversity.com/topics.asp?Topic_ID=30) and for a long while afterwards couldn't do even many push-ups, let alone handstands (this was before capoeira), however extreme pulling loads on hands from rockclimbing were fine. Today they're almost 100%, tho I still can't play tennis for long for example. Bones actually re-model themselves continuously based upon stress, so a capoerista's wrist bones over time become much stronger than the average person's.

Ligaments (things injured in sprains) actually don't regenerate if sufficiently (10% or more, roughly) damaged, and don't re-shorten once overstretched. Therefore sprains are actually ultimately recovered from through muscles with a similar action to the ligament becoming stronger and learning a new range-of-movement limit (essentially a software solution to a hardware problem).

Initially (first 2-4 weeks for significant damage) different types of wrist injuries behave very similarly, due to swelling constricting the already extremely tight spacing of everything.

Those are just the very basics of complex subjects, of which I have some knowledge through 1 year of massage school plus experience. For a proper, specific assesment, as above, see a physio.

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