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  Topic: Auckland axe Car pooling to Wellington & back
  2006-08-02 13:44:12
Kia Ora ak capoeira~stars!
the Wellington Axe Weekend is coming up (11-13 Aug) anyone busting to go please inform the rest by communicating details here and at class
thank you!

Do you need a ride?
Are you driving down? How many seats you got?
When would you like to leave and arrive back?

and anything else i havent suggested that you think of?
like your contact details so we can get a hold of you
e.g. bexellis at hotmail dot com
  2006-08-02 18:23:00
We are looking for ~two people - and car - who can take either Thursday afternoon and Friday, or Friday and Monday off (so we have a bit more time to enjoy/explore Wellington)
We do have a car, but it might fall apart ...
[email protected]
  2006-08-04 11:03:11
I talked with my significant other and we may (say 50/50) come on down to the welling town.

To soak ourselves in the abundant wells of ah-shay.
  2006-08-07 01:19:44
hey if you are planning to head down on thursday evening would you like to call into hamilton classes and help us for the filming of
"mai time" programme. They will be at our class to film for a capoeira clip showing soon on the national tv programme and we could do with the ax'e! (our class is from 7-10pm) what you reckon... let me know if this sounds like a chance to start your ax'e filled weekend eh?
  2006-08-08 16:41:53
decision made - will leave Friday morning and come back Monday. If anybody wants to join, we still have some free seats in the car.

Sorry feiticeiro. Would have been great to stop in hamilton....
  2006-11-10 20:48:34
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