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  Topic: Ponsoby the only place?
  2006-08-04 18:58:29
Hey all, hope you're well.

I was wondering if there are any capoeira places in east auckland? Or just the whereabouts of any other place? As ponsonby is a mission for me.

  2006-08-04 20:42:49
Hi Unami

Unfortunately there isn't any other Auckland classes. There is a possibility that a class will start in Otara, which should be known by the end of next week. E-mail me, [email protected] for any updates.
  Palagi Allstar
  2006-08-04 20:45:17
Yes, ZigueZague, your challenge has been met. The Palagi Allstar is on the move. I'll give you the details after I've breathed in a bit of that Wellington Axe'...!!
  2006-08-08 00:45:38
Lovely! I just got back from South Auckland yesterday (brief visit, due to a death in the family unfortunately) if you had classes in the Southside I might have been able to make it to a class. Still, next time I'm visiting the Aiiga I'll be able to if your AllStar presence graces the polynesian community of Manukau or Mangere.

See you soon!
  azn gurl
  2006-08-19 11:26:34
im are u making any other place for capoeira cause i cant get to ponsonby!!!!!! can u make a place in mangere please!!! THANX YOU!! IF U CAN DO THAT
  Tim Do Brasil
  2006-09-20 06:45:09
hey so is there a training place in Otara yet?

Im on an exchange in Brasil at the moment but will be returning in about 3 months. really keen to continue with my training and Ponsonby is way far to be gonig every week. Otara would be much cooler seems ill be living in Pukekohe.

  2006-10-06 00:10:15
wat about central classes like in mt roskill or mt albert?
  2006-10-08 11:26:56
Wat about west auckland tenhe chance para ter classes aqui??

  2006-10-08 17:48:07
Hey Bella where are you situated in West Auckland?
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