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  Topic: can girls do capoeira
  2006-08-11 11:06:18

can girls do capoeira!?
since i can't even left my body off the ground!

but i would like to give a try and
maybe i can just do some kicks
  2006-08-11 12:05:05
Yes of course girls can do capoeira! Girls can do anything!

Seriously, I would totally recommend going to a class if there is one in your area, you may be surprised at how good some of the females are (several are better than most of the guys).
  2006-08-11 13:46:12
Girls can most definitely do capoeira. I can guarantee you that, being a girl, and doing capoeira and all. A lot of the best capoeiristas I've seen are girls. Don't worry if you son't have a lot of strength. FOr one thing, capoeira is a great way to get it, and for another, it uses muscles that are quite obscure so I'd say almost everyone finds they're lacking strength in certain muscles when they start out. Unless they're like, gymnasts or something who are used to using random as, weird muscles all the time. But for us common folk, everyone develops the required strength by practicing stuff.

I agree with ziguezague, go along to a class and give it a try. Though, don't be put off if it's challenging. When I started a couldn't do a handstand save for hopping my feet of the ground about 20cm, or cartwheel, but you learn it pretty quickly. And there's loads more facets of capoeira than all the fancy, strength-requiring stuff. Go to a class for sure. Whereabouts are you located?

  2006-08-11 23:01:01
are you kidding! of coarse girls can play capoeira. i know this lady from ozz who plays, and man! she's kick ass as. some of you might of meet her. she came over ages ago, with Mestre Peixe. her name is Mariana. don't piss her off, she'll serve you up tall glass of whoop ass.
  2006-08-13 22:54:24
Capoeiristas are sly....girls are the slyest...you will be fine Lu
  2006-08-15 17:16:48
ai sereia and you may be the slyest (:
  2006-08-19 11:35:19
im i alway wanted to do this because i alway get bully in my class just because im little and i cant really get them off my back.so this is what i want to when i get bully.so can u make another class in mangere please!!!!THANX U 4 reading this message
  azn gurl
  2006-08-19 11:37:43
can any kids do capoeira like age 8 and up?
  2006-08-22 15:16:29
ok sisters..... were working on other parts of ak, stay in touch. Is there anyway you can come into town after ....school? Look up the classes link on the top of this page and ask you parents to....get them really intrentested. Talk to the teacher named to contact...if your in ak it brabo/grant. He does workshops at high schools to....talk to your teachers....art/dance....drama, pe. How old are you?
Were are also in the process of creating a young peoples camp in the Jan hoildays.

Now me being a lady and a little one at that....capoeria can deffentrly be done by anyone! kids to ...actually the younger you are the more eazer it is to pick up ive noticed. Damit!

What whould you like to achieve out of training Capoeira?

  2006-08-22 17:06:47
hey azn, yeah children as young as 8 can learn capoeira, my youngest student is only 4.
  2006-08-23 12:14:21
Hey yeah I just started in the Mount a month ago and I love it!

Me and my nephew go, he's only 6 but man he looks good and yep, the younger they are the better bcos they're more flexible I suppose??

I'm a chickee babe too and as a beginner I would higly recomend this to all the ladies out there.

One question though?? If there are any experienced people reading this... I have RSI in my wrists from when I was a teenager, it hurts a bit when I try to hold my weight up and do all that stuff on the ground. Is there anything that I can do? Or am I doomed to be restricted with my movements?
  2006-08-23 13:15:18
  2006-08-24 01:01:32
A trick someone taught me, as I still get a sore wrist from when I broke it swinging from a tree many years ago...
Try press ups and/or capoeira movements with your fist on the ground instead of your palm (do this only if it's tolerable though)
By having your wrist straight and putting weight on it there it will help to strengthen it as you train.
A wrist support brace would come in handy too....
Hope that helps...

  2006-08-24 08:49:45
Hey that sounds good...

Thanks man :-)
  2006-10-08 16:57:48
I would love to do Capoeria, but I live in pittsburgh are there any studios around there? I heard of Nega Gato, but how do you contact them???


Jennifer Gray
  2006-10-11 22:34:22
well if you really can't make it to one of brabo's classes

Mestre Nego Gato
Nego Gato, Inc.1420-22 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Classes begin again in March of 2006
please call (412) 201-4546 to Register
SOURCE: website 6/29/06

  2006-10-16 19:02:23
We can make babys too! I think thats more amazing then the OBVOUSLY skilled lady fight-dancers out there, dishing up cans of wop-arse. babys! Go Jenny go
  2006-10-16 21:35:58
Not getting clucky are you Whet?
  2006-10-18 09:01:49
Cala boca, Allstar! Por favor, nao de ideas pra ela.
  2006-10-18 10:05:25
Ha ha
Voc� est� importunando agora ZZ?
  2006-10-18 23:50:47
Massagista returns with physiology 201!

atk09, hoping you're still reading :)

"RSI in the wrist" in 90+% of the cases is actually caused further up, by something called the "upper crossed syndrome". A technical article (jargonophiliacs rejoice!) about this and other body misalignments is at http://erikdalton.com/articlepainpuzzle.htm and some laymans discussion and exercises for alleviation (with pictures) are at http://www.dcdoctor.com/dc/ak/citycenterchiro_com/rightpages/exercises.html and more exercises (without pictures but good descriptions) at http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1608/is_5_19/ai_100545115 - tho I'd advise doing stretch before the strength.

"But these are all about the shoulders" you say, "it's my wrists/forearms/arms that hurt". Well, the nerves that go to your arms, wrists and hands come out of the spine in the neck, go through and under muscles and bones in the neck, shoulder, upper arm and all the way down to the fingers.

Just a small example, the nerves supplying the back side of your forearm pass through the muscle (just under the elbow) that rotates your palm to face down, such as when typing. Pressure on a nerve can cause pain, numbness, tingling or other phantom feelings (that are however responded to as real by the rest of the body!) anywhere along the nerve further from the brain than the pressure (sometimes also closer). And such things can be happening at at least 7 places along the path from the brain to the fingers that I can think of off-hand.

Not to mention the blood vessels, which join the nerves about mid-way between the neck and shoulder tip and follow alongside them all the way.

Have a look at the pictures in the articles, then when walking around town, or the office, have a look at people from the side. And then you'll have a small idea of how frustrating it can be being a massage therapist :)


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