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  Topic: buying instruments
  2006-08-11 13:38:24
Heya Brabo,

After an atabaque Instructor Arranha keeps forgetting to ask but how much are they and if you have any how soon can
I get one?I will paye for it to be shipped to Rotorua if its ok and give money too Arranha?Want to use one for super 12 kapahaka comps..
  2006-09-10 22:05:37
hey, im wondering on how to get my hands on a berimbau, and how much it'll cost, or can i go kiwi styles, and look for some No:8 wire...?
  2006-09-18 18:41:57
first go to the bush and find the sraightest piece of manuka then shave it smooth.Hit up the local firestone for a burnout tire then tourch then you have your wire.every second weekend in Rotovegas there is a craft market and they sell gourds for about 8 bucks,and wa-lah!Cheap and good for practise and I reckon manuka is much stronger and durable .excellent wood for a viola too.
  2006-09-19 14:19:46
Cheers Lateef, i love the practicality about how to do it cheap in NZ.
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