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  Topic: mai time
  2006-08-13 02:33:19
WWazzzuuupppp!!!! hey guys! if you are up before 10am next sat morning( thats sat 19th) tune your tv sets to mai time. the h-town crew with the help of brabo got the opp to do a couple of demos and cheesy interviews.

WARNING!! all interviews, are covered in so much cheese that you may wanna take any persons under the age 10 out of your living rooms. viewer discretion is advised. thank you.
  2006-08-21 01:37:44
Hey did anyone actually see the mai time episode on saturday?
How did it go?

Cant get television here cos it can only hook up to the ps2, and besides... I slept in haha

  2006-08-21 06:38:27
If by any chance you able to put something on the website that would be great then all the wahs and us peeps overseas can checkout your flash moves there bro...too much
  2006-08-21 07:02:14
i watched it.... wasnt all to cheesey

not a bad little promo.. i just wonder why it was only mona's kids? where was your crew Feiticeiro?

but then it is a kids show
  2006-08-21 07:55:20
Hey Macarr'ao where are you based bruv?
  2006-08-22 16:47:50
the show was mainly aimed at pasific island and maori youth that play capoeira. they did go see feits but i dont know what happened there
  2006-08-26 08:29:12
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