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  Topic: Gimme an inch
  2006-10-03 11:31:28
I'm not interested in a "fun scrap" or some sparring.

I'll play Angola with you in a rhoda though :)
  2006-10-03 11:32:54
I'm not interested in a fun scrap or sparring.

  2006-10-03 11:35:12
sorry for the repost. Once again a slow connection and impatience.

I'll still play Angola with you in a rhoda :)
  Two Eye Finger Poker
  2006-10-03 13:57:55
So when are we gonna fight each other?
  Two Finger Eye Poker
  2006-10-03 20:36:19
isn't capoeira a fight? let's scrap
  2006-10-03 22:17:01
Where are you in NZ and who are you Two Finger Eye Poker?
  One inch puncher
  2006-10-03 22:23:43
Man this capo stuff is pretty dope, I don't know if I wanna scrap...
  One Inch Puncher
  2006-10-04 09:27:19
I ain't gonna go so low as to point 2 fingers at any one in particular; but damn someone needs to check themselves!
What the hell is a scrap anyway........???

  2006-10-04 09:39:28
Capoeira is many things, one eye poker.

Although I accept that conflict is a given in life, I am not interested in a "scrap" because I do not think it will prove anything.

Having grown up in a neighbourhood with people who walked the streets looking for "scraps", my experience tells me that fighters either feel like they have lost face so seek payback, thereby feeding conflict; or feel like they have won so seek bigger opponents.

My interest is in staying safe; if you want a scrap then look elsewhere.
  2006-10-04 09:40:51
I'm sorry - I got your name wrong: it's two finger eye poker. The coffee hasn't kicked in yet :)
  two finger eye poker
  2006-10-04 10:42:21
ok ok ok

i'm just playing devils advocate, ya know it doesn't hurt to joke every now and then after all we are just talking on the net...sorry to those who took me too seriously. Point being is that one inch puncher is talking differently know than his first thread on this site, don't ya think?

oh a scrap is a kinda tustle i guess...Besides I have sen break fight up cos they are just funny or sing out of time.
  One Inch Puncher
  2006-10-04 11:21:56
Yo Two Finger Eye Poker why dont ya talk to me straight up?
You talkin about what I been saying ... or .... how I been saying it?
  2006-10-04 13:59:08
Two finger eye poker, if you have an issue with One Inch Puncher then please do not involve me - thanks.

"it doesn't hurt to joke every now and then after all we are just talking on the net"

Jokes rely on a mutually understood context. (My Brazilian students laugh at things that my Asian students don't, and vice versa.) What some people find funny, others do not. I don't find it funny when a stranger asks me to fight.

We are writing in a public message board, not talking. Text generally does not convey body language or tone, which is important in understanding a person's intent and message.
  Two Finger Eye Poker
  2006-10-04 20:46:56
So Palhaco,

Where do you teach? and how's your Mestre? can i ask that?

  Two Finger Eye Poker
  2006-10-04 20:51:48
woopps Who's you Mestre? or are you with Pasifika? please introduce yourself
  2006-10-04 21:54:19
Hey Two Finger Eye Poker, why don't you introduce yourself first CREAMY PUDDING FROM THE NORTH EAST!!! hahaha
  2006-10-04 22:31:11

Brilliant!! Detective and you are...hmm either Leao or Brabo
  2006-10-05 09:16:54
I teach at a language school.

According to this site my mestre is Mestre Caveirinha.
  two eye finger poker
  2006-10-05 09:19:33
So you know a guy called Eliot(?)
  2006-10-05 11:26:07
  2006-10-05 11:36:50
the coffee just kicked...does Eliot know Two Eye Finger Poker?
  2006-10-05 15:36:07
I know a creamy pudding from the north east, not sure about two eye, or one inch for that matter... he seems a bit schizhophrenic. detetive could be my mestre and palhaco's just some clown
who's this guy eliot though? oh yeah, that's me
- quandoi eu saio voce entra, quando entro voce sai parana
  2006-10-05 16:23:51
Hey Tucano,

After our conversation at Dog's Bollocks I was thinking maybe either One Inch Puncher or Two Finger Eye Poker was you.

Good thing I didn't accept that challenge - if Two Finger Eye Poker's _is_ you, with your malicia and sneaky rastinhas, I'd be flat on my butt in two seconds ;)
  2006-10-05 16:29:34
Hey Lucifer... The Two Finger dude... he'll turn up when you least expect him and stand there on a street corner thinking he's got away with something.
  2006-10-05 16:32:05
Mung... I can at least spell detective.... give me some credit!
  2006-10-05 18:12:44
detetive is detective in portuguese duh!!

  2006-10-05 20:12:31
lol! you should seen the look on the face of the guy in the van, he sat at a green light until it went red...

minha mae ta me chamando o meu bem o que vida de moleque parana

  2006-10-05 21:38:39
Hey PalagiAllstar did you notice that 'Two Finger Eye Poker' has a brother 'Two Eye Finger Poker'?
Would the real 'Poker' please stand up!
  Two Finger Eye Poker
  2006-10-05 23:07:41

la la e la e la parana jogue em cima de mim parana!
  2006-10-06 01:31:20
Brabo is the badest [cred].
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