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  Topic: Gimme an inch
  2006-10-06 09:09:31
so we look for a Palagi who likes to poke people in the eye?

Well, this is an Enigma...

  2006-10-06 13:26:11
Speaking of spelling:

"Good thing I didn't accept that challenge - if Two Finger Eye Poker's _is_ you, with your malicia and sneaky rastinhas, I'd be flat on my butt in two seconds ;) "

Sneaky rastinhas...Tee hee, I feel so loved, being subconsciously included in the conversation. I'm guessing you mean rasteiras. I mean, as sneaky as I am (pfft), I don't think Tucano's utilising my game tactics *just yet*. Heh. Unless you mean being indecisive to throw people off track, or staying up for 42 hours or something silly like that... Heh.
  2006-10-06 14:05:06
Thanks for that, Rastingha. I'm a bit of a fool, and a clown at the best of times!
  2006-10-06 14:15:24
[pulls face]

Sorry! And to think I give my students a hard time for not spelling correctly!

[does a� to get blood to the brain - keeps eyes open for Rastinha's cabe�ada]
  2006-10-06 16:27:10
Hey, don't get me involved, I just poke in the pan�a with the cabe�a and step on toes for variety.
  2006-10-06 17:13:06
So we'll just have to continue to poke around!
  2006-10-17 16:25:30
Respectfully I greet the Capoeira whanau.
I dont want to get into an "Ego" type of debate. I have trained in a couple of styles. And played Capoeira for a few years.
All styles have their own strengths. Would one "beat" another, Which is "better". These are questions for each person to answer with their own truth. If you really want to hurt sombody then shoot them in the head a few times. Otherwise why dont we embrace the knowledge that everyone has to offer?
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